Innovative technology


Nuclear district heating solution.

Innovative technology


Nuclear district heating solution.



the basic pillar of the entire technology is the application of the latest safety requirements


Thermal power

thermal power range 50 – 150 MW



use of irradiated nuclear fuel, an environmentally efficient and economical solution


Investment costs

for construction less than €30 million*, heating costs less than €4/GJ*.
* Prices of 2019


Innovative concept

for district and process heat production


Energy stability

in the context of the availability and movement of energy prices on world markets


TEPLATOR is using proven technology principles and construction materials. Using the heat produced in TEPLATOR, we are lowering the environmental footprint. By implementing the idea of energy storage into the design, we can in fact ensure continuous heat supply to the customer. With the use of the irradiated fuel from conventional pressurized water reactors (PWRs) we ensure better utilization of the nuclear fuel. Thanks to its design and size, TEPLATOR can be sited at locations closer to end customers.


TEPLATOR’s design is based on three ideas – favorable economy, positive impact on the environment and, above all, maximum safety. The low temperatures, low pressures and low power density of the reactor lead to low-cost – and therefore cheap – components to manufacture. Together with cheap fuel, the price of heat from TEPLATOR is a fraction of the price from coal, gas or other nuclear reactors. The TEPLATOR nuclear heating plant is essentially an emission-free technology that does not emit CO2. The whole concept has an order of magnitude better nuclear safety than, for example, generation III nuclear reactors currently being built. Safety comes first in the design.

About us

We are a young, innovative group of scientist and professionals from top Czech research organizations. We have a plan to transform heating industry from fossil fuel present into clean energy future. Our target is to develop the most sustainable and economical life-cycle for nuclear fuel.